Developer Diary

  • Elementa Arcanum - Design Goals

    Now that I've discussed most of the games that have inspired Elementa Arcanum, I'd like to focus on the ideas I had that drove me towards completin...
  • Elementa Arcanum - Design Influences

    Like many other game designers, I've taken lessons and examples from other games I've played.  Let's look at the games that have influenced Elementa Arcanum and what specific aspects have impacted the game's design.
  • Elementa Arcanum - Origins of the Game Concept

    How was the concept for Elementa Arcanum originally developed?  This Developer Diary post examines the origins of the game and how it came to be.
  • Elementa Arcanum - Designing My First Game

    This series of articles will go over the design and development process of Elementa Arcanum and explore the history of how the game came to be.