Elementa Arcanum - Designing My First Game

Elementa Arcanum - Designing My First Game

Hi, my name is John Cymerman, creator of Elementa Arcanum.  This series of articles will go over the design and development process of this unique game and explore the history of how the game came to be.  As more posts are added, links to those posts will appear below.

  1. Origins of the Game Concept
  2. Design Influences
  3. Design Goals
  4. Initial Rules & Playtests
  5. Card Design
  6. Attunement Balance
  7. Multiplayer Balance
  8. Basic vs Full vs Advanced Rules
  9. Solo Game Rules
  10. Final Reflections

I hope you enjoy these insights into the game design process and what I thought about while creating this game.  If the game interests you, I suggest following my Kickstarter Campaign for it!  If you have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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