About Elementum Arcanum

Welcome to the world of Elementa Arcanum. Hundreds of years in the future, scientific advances have given humans control over the power behind the elemental forces of nature: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Through genetic engineering, the richest families of the galaxy have evolved a race of superhuman wizards. The strongest representatives of each generation participate in a galactic tournament once a year called the Elementa Arcanum -- a spectacle so mesmerizing it surpassed the Olympics and rendered it obsolete. As the years pass, the most talented of each generation slowly begin to emerge until a victor is declared. The winner is named the Elementa Prima and dons the Black Hole Robes, forever etched into history. Will you wield Ultima and master the 4 Elements?

elementum arcanum

A Deck-Building Card Game Unlike Any Other

Elementa Arcanum has a number of unique twists on the typical deck-building card game that make it a must-try:

Play It Your Way - There are 3 different rulesets for different levels of complexity: Basic, Full and Advanced. Play the set of rules that work best for you and your play group. Or, if you want to fly solo, we've got you covered there too.

Teach As You Go - Are you tired of needing to precede gaming sessions with an hour-long explanation of the game that's about to be played for the newcomers? Elementa Arcanum comes with a "Teaching Game" format where you can start with a 5 minute introduction, and then gradually introduce new rules as you play.

Right-Costed, Anti-Stagnant Shop - Elementa Arcanum's Tier system ensures the shop smoothly provides new cards players can currently afford and doesn't stagnate for long with cards that players don't want.

Powering Up Without Heavy RPG Mechanics - The way deck power grows and the frequency that old cards can be removed means that players will feel a great and consistent increase in deck power over the course of the game. Nothing feels worse than drawing a dud hand on a crucial turn. Instead, you'll feel truly leveled up as you confidently cast a combination of Spells that devastates an opponent, or block a giant Attack with a timely Ultima. These experiences create unforgettable stories you'll be telling your friends about!

Direct Combat, Less Salt - Had your fill of cooperative or semi-cooperative euro games and hankering for an old-school slugging match? Elementa Arcanum's unique Star/Defeat system has you covered. It allows direct competition with other players without the animosity that could normally come from such games. Ganging up is discouraged, players are not eliminated midway through, and shocking comebacks are always possible.

Completely Modular, Infinitely Expandable - To add more players, just add more decks of Elementa Arcanum cards. Any number of players (and multiple teams) can play at the same time. For time reasons, 6 players or less is best, but if you need more, add more!

Tiny Footprint - Elementa Arcanum's small form factor doesn't crowd your shelf like those big box games do.  Fits neatly into any collection.

Five Minute Setup / Tear Down - All the components are cards! No need to corral your friends into spending 20 minutes after the game helping you stuff endless items into little bags.

Accessible Price - Just $20 + shipping for a 2-player copy!  At a fraction of the price of most games, why not give it a try?

The Journey From Apprentice to Archmage

Players start with the 12 Apprentice Spells -- the 2, 3 and 4 of each Element. As the game continues, players will have the opportunity to upgrade their decks first with Adept Spells (5, 6, and 7) before they start encountering Tier II, the Master Tier. By the time Tier III Spells are available, the players have become all-powerful Archmages and have reached the pinnacles of their wizarding careers. It's time for a champion to emerge!

Stars, Not Health

In most card games with direct combat, each player has a pool of life points. Elementa Arcanum takes a different direction for a more satisfying experience, especially in multiplayer. Instead, the amount of damage done grants the Attacker a number of Stars, and the Defender can lose one, depending on the game mode. Players start with no Stars and can't go below zero.  In a multiplayer setting, players will be incentivized to Attack other players that have Stars, and not players with no Stars. Also, being Defeated in Combat makes players more resilient to later Attacks from other players. These measures dissuade players from ganging up on those lagging behind and keeps the table focused on those in the lead, leading to some surprising changes of fortune!

Fight and Buy With Any Card

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the fact that cards can damage and purchase for the same amount. That means if you use a strong Spell for Combat, that won't be left in your Hand when you go to Research later.  This leads to difficult decisions and careful turn planning. Knowing when to focus more on dealing damage, when to let some damage through, and when to play more reservedly so as to get the best Research Turn possible are some of the most valuable areas of skill in Elementa Arcanum. 

Ultima, The God Spell

By the endgame, players focus on being the first to buy an Ultima.  Ultima is by far the most expensive Spell in the game, but for good reason.  Conjuring the chaotic, swirling forces at the edges of a black hole, it can contribute damage of any Element to an Attack, and block damage of any type for full value on Defense. It can also help optimize decks at warp speed. It truly is a game-changing card. Send your opponent to infinity and beyond.