The Creator

Meet the Creator

"I've been playing games since I was 5 years old when my dad taught me Chess.  I've always loved strategy games, but I recently decided I could make a difference in the world if I create a few of my own.  Elementa Arcanum is my first finished creation, but it will always be very beloved.  It captures the essence of the games I want to create -- a simple base concept, but inside that enticingly simple shell lies a world of possibilities just waiting for you to discover."

John Cymerman, CTO of Trellis, Inc. and Creator of Elementa Arcanum

Player Testimonials

"So far the game is very complex, but also simple to learn. We loved that the combat and resource mechanics used the same game rules. As for the strategy, it seems super deep. I enjoy the game, love the simplicity at first, and then how complex it can get."


Brad Nelson, Magic: The Gathering Professional & Player of the Year @fffreakmtg


"It has a much shallower learning curve than other deck-builders without sacrificing strategic depth. So it'll be loved by hardcore and casual gamers alike."


Ross Merriam, MTG Professional Player @RossHunneds


"The game has evolved a lot since we started.  After so many playtests, where we've ended up is an accessible game with surprising depth.  You only have to play it once or twice to understand, it really is something special."


Isaiah Bollinger, CEO of Trellis, Inc. and Gameplay Balance Advisor